Personal Trainer Job Description – What All Fitness Trainer Do For Clients

Personal Trainer Job Description – What All Fitness Trainer Do For Clients

The main focus of the job of a personal trainer is to create fitness and wellness programs that are geared towards meeting and accomplishing the needs and goals of each client, as no client has the same needs. Now the goals and needs can range from things like anything from building muscle mass and losing fat in younger clients to getting more energy to play with their grandchildren and everything in between. The personal trainer job description also relies heavily on working with clients all the way through the entire process, from the beginning to the day that their clients goals are met, providing mental and emotional support and tactics just as much as they do when it comes to helping them physically.

In order to create a program for an individual that will help them meet their goals, but at the same time be safe enough for them to carry out, the personal trainer must take into account the individuals weight, capacity for areobics, blood pressure and others aspects that factor into their wellbeing and especially things that factor into them being able to become more fit. After all factors have been considered and different tests have been administered to find the patients starting point, the personal trainer will create a fitness program that will start slow and increase gradually, allowing patients to cope with changes and be able to move forward and attain better and better results safely.

Other major aspects of the personal trainer job description include things like:

  • The overall encouragement to attain goals that clients have set out to attain, by the likes of identifying the motivating factor that brought clients into the gym in the first place, and continuing to remind patients of this reason.
  • Advising patients on using exercise equiptment saftely, both workout machines and free weights as well as areobic exercise machines, which includes staying with patients and identifying weight, rep and time limits so that clients can ultimately go off on their own and complete their exercise regimen on their own.
  • Creation of a streching regimen for patients to do before they even start to do their workout, including things like regular stretching as well myofacial release exercises to do after one has completed their regimen.
  • Giving clients advice and tips on nutrition and advising them on diet changes they can make to maximize the benefits of their workouts.
  • Creating workout plans that not only offer solutions to clients problems, but are interesting enough to compell them to continue with the regimen and are enjoyable enough to want to do them everytime they get into the gym.

Now the job description of a personal trainer can be carried out in a traditional gym setting as well as places like resorts or YMCA’s and more, offering a wide variety of work settings for certified personal trainer to be able to train clients in. Personal trainers can also work freelance, offering their services to private clients, allowing them to be self employed.

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