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The Cheapest Cherished Number Plates Fast Private Number Plate Transfers!

We provide cherished number plates and private number plates at some of the cheapest prices around. If you're looking for bargain on cherished registration plates, then you have come to the right place!

Use our search facility above to locate your ideal plate, which can be transferred straight to your vehicle. Alternatively, let us provide you with a personal plate on a DVLA registration certificate with validity up to 12 months.

Huge Range of the Cheapest Number Plates

We have millions of car registration numbers, private number plates and DVLA number plates to choose from. Simply begin by searching above to find your ideal plate. Not sure what you're looking for? Then see our Car Number Plates or our Football Team Number Plates to get you started!

We provide a range of number plates, from the cheapest personal number plates available to the most desirable number plates worth hundreds of thousands of pounds. Take your time searching for the ideal plate for you, and once you have found the perfect number one, simply make the purchase online or over the phone.

Can't Find your Ideal Plate?

If you can't find your ideal plate, then contact us. We can help you source your plate at some of the cheapest prices around. Our lines are open from 8am-10pm seven days a week and we're looking to help you find the perfect plate.


Looking for the Cheapest Cherished Number Plates?

Cherished Number Plates are usually dateless number plates which were the very first vehicle registration numbers used in the UK. They don't have to be expensive, and we have some of the best deals around. With a huge range of cherished plates available, please use the search above to locate and find your ideal Cherished Number Plate today!

Looking for the Cheapest Private Number Plates?

Personalised number plates or private number plates as they are often called are increasing in popularity due to prices for these becoming much more affordable. If you're looking for a private plate to separate you from the crowd at a good price, then you've come to the right place. Use the search box to find your perfect private number plate today!

Cheapest Private Number Plates

Have you got a personalised plate that you want to sell?

If you already have a car registration number plate and would like a valuation, please go to the valuations page and complete the form. We will always deal with you promptly and provide a fair valuation, and the quote will be based on numbers either currently on the market or sold recently. It is free to request a personal number plate valuation, and there is no obligation on your part.

If you are happy with your valuation, we will be pleased to market the cherished number for you. This is a free service with no fees, and we will include your number in our marketing campaigns in our attempts to find a buyer.

Once the buyer has been found, you can leave the whole process to us. This involves completing the DVLA legal paperwork and processing through the DVLA in Swansea, which will then pass it on to the DVLA in Swansea.

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