Special Education Jobs - Overview Of Jobs & How To Become A Teacher

Special Education Jobs – Overview Of Jobs & How To Become A Teacher

Special education jobs require one who has obtained multiple different credentials that will prepare them to work in a job that requires you to be highly specialized, as the special education teaching jobs demand so much more out of the teacher than most all other regular teaching jobs. These jobs can range from teaching grade levels of K to 12 as well as age ranges of 18 to 21 where teachers teach students skills that are vital for them to obtain that will allow them to perform well on jobs as well as in life in general. The teaching is administered in many ways by special education teachers, some of the main methods includes small group assignments and problem solving techniques as well as a good amount of individual instruction.

A special education teacher can teach in a variety of different types of facilities, other than just public and private schools, some of which include; residential facilities, hospitals, homes of students and clinics among others. No matter which type of facility the teacher is teaching, the curriculum will be based off of modified standard curriculum that is modified to fit the needs of the particular students that they are teaching to, which includes many teachniques that are learned to cater to the exact disability or disorder that student have.

Also, the great news about those are filling or looking to fill special education teacher jobs is the fact that the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the need for those qualified in teacher special education students will increase in the next 10 years at a faster rate than almost all other professions, offering a very secure career to go into for those looking for careers to obtain credentials for, as well as offering those fill jobs as special education teachers a chance to earn between

How to Obtain Special Education Jobs

The first real step that is advised that you go about doing first is obtaining some hands on experience which will provide you with two things, those being that you will really get a feel for what special education jobs are like and if you really want to go into the feild as well as the fact that you will gain experience that can be both required for admission into a degree program and/or give you hands on experience that looks great on a resume when you apply for your entry level job.

  1. The first real step is obtaining a degree in the feild, which the sad fact of the matter is that there are not very many schools that offer degree programs. If you cannot get into one that offers degrees than the best option is to obtain a bachelors degree in a relevant subject, the best being Psychology or Sociology or even Math and Science.
  2. Honing in on a specific disability that you want to teach on is also advised, which you can again do some volunteer work on the top 3 that you are wanting to go into and pick the one that fits what you are looking for and/or can handle for both the short term as well as the long term.
  3. Taking and passing the Praxis with flying colors is your next step to obtaining special education jobs. Minimum passing scores range from state to state as well as certain minimum scores are required for employment by employers which also range depending on the employer.

During this process you can also choose to do an internship, which can both give you credits as well as prove that you can work full tiem special education jobs, which will be very apparent to the employer who is interviewing you as well as prove your dedication to learning your craft, even at a time where you were going to school full time. For even more information on obtaining special education jobs, the best thing to do is to visit your local school district and talk to a representative who can help you learn about all of your states requirements for getting a job so you know what you need to obtain which will put you on the right track right out of the gate.

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