Public Health Schools - Requirements, Curriculum & Top Schools

Public Health Schools – Requirements, Curriculum & Top Schools

Getting a degree from a public health school will allow one to broaden their horizon in employment opportunity, be able to work in a host of different workplaces and job positions as well as earn a great salary educating the public on preventitive methods to better their lives both short term as well as long term. Health educators is the title that graduating students receive, which their learning will consist of all that is needed for them to be able to advance the both peoples knowledge of health as well as advance the populations health in general.

Requirements For Admittance Into Public Health Schools

Being that there are various public health degrees that you can get, admittance requirements can vary, but below is a general overview of what can be required.

  • A high school degree or GED.
  • Official transcripts in which the coursework came from an accredited college or institution.
  • Letters of recommendation, usually 3 of them.
  • Experience in the feild, which can inlude volunteer work, actual paid work or research in the field.
  • A personal essay which is meant for the applicant to portray how you believe the particular public health school will allow you to achieve your goals and usually consists of around 1000 to 1500 words.
  • A host of different standardized test scores, which can include the Graduation Record Exam (GRE), the MCAT among others.
  • Either be a citizen on the United States or a permanent resident.
  • Show that your are able to execute certain “technical skills” which can include; observation, motor, c0mmunication, behavrioal along with social attributes and intellectual-conconceptual abilities.
  • An interview is often a requirements for admittance and can either consist of a phone interview and/or an onsite interview.

Top Public Health Schools

There are schools of public health all across the country, allowing one to attend and gain a health education degree pretty much anywhere one lives, as well as they can choose to attend one of the multiple online Public Health: public health schools as well. To give you an overview of the tops schools, below is a list of the top 5 schools, which are given their ranking by the US News.

  • School of Public Health at John Hopkins Univesity (Baltimore, MD)
  • University of North Carolina School of Public Health (Chapel Hill, NC)
  • Harvard School of Public Health (Boston, MA)
  • University of Michigan School of Public Health (Ann Arbor, MI)
  • Mailman School of Health (Columbia University) (New York, NY)

As far as the curriculum that is taught in these public schools, the knowledge learned is based off of multiple spectrums of health education and administration, all of which is generally taught upon through social, biological and quantitative sciences. As far as the subjects taught, below are various examples of the subjects that the teacher touches upon.

  • Research methods in the practice of Public Health
  • Principles in Epidemiology as well as Chronic Diseases In Epidemiolgy
  • Risk Assesment Managment
  • Principles in Hospital Managment
  • Principles in Biostatistics
  • Gender, Ethnicity & Race
  • Health Management Concepts
  • Case Studies in Community Health
  • Urban Health Issues.

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