7 Health Educator Positions

7 Health Educator Positions

No matter what health educator postion an individual applies for, their sole purpose of the job will entail promoting health on various fronts which will coincide with preventing disease, which the teaching is administered through strategies and methods that will help one develop a more health conscience approach to their daily life. The ultimate goal is that through the teaching, the students/pupils will be impowered and inspired to adapt to and utilize the knowledge to make lasting changes in their lives that will not only prevent them from health problems but enable them to have better or optimum quality of life. Health educator positions consist of teaching health education to both large audiences, individual, teaching in the community and more. As far where a health educator can work, below are the 7 main positions where health educators can find work.

The 7 Health Educator Positions

Health educator positions tend to consist of a 40 hour work week and can bring one an average income of around $61,000 a year. Below are the main places that you can find health education employment as well as a general job description.


Health educator jobs that involve teaching health education in schools basically consists of jobs in junior high and high schools where educators focus on teaching information that will allow one to make safe and wise choices that have to deal with what this age group is experiencing. The knowledge that is taught in schools can consist of; healthy body image, introduction to the different STD’s as well as practicing safe sex, alchohol consumption, nutritional programs as well as working out among others.


You can also find health education employment in certain business in which the business will hire the health educator to cater a plan for their employees that will be able to fit into their daily schedules. This can consist of wellness programs for the employees at the business, which generally the teaching is taught to the staff in a group setting.

Healthcare Settings

These health educator postions generally consist of the employe working directly with one patient at a time, catering a specific health care plan for each person. One starts by evaluating their needs, then works on how they will implement the plan which is geared towards stopping or slowing as well as coping with a certain disease or disorder, as well as asssisting in implementing the plan so that they can end up using the health plan on their own.


This type of health education postion is referred to as a community health educator or a public health educator. This job tends to deal with teaching health education on a multiple different subjects, after the educator has evaluated the communities needs, which then they create a health education program that caters to the groups needs. These jobs tend to be found in non profit organizations or individuals work closely with non profit organizations which will enable funding as well as contacts.


College health education positions are similiar to those found in pre-college schools but tend to have to create program which will be accepted more so by their audience. Programs that college health educators teach can consisit of; abuse of drugs and alcohol, smoking cessation, bettering nutrition as well as choosing healthier food options around school and more.


One can also choose to become a supervisor of other health educators, which takes a more advanced degree in “wellness studies” or “health studies” or similiar. This can also lead to one becoming a director for different types of agencies.

Self Employed

Health educators can also be self employed, but the percentage is very small. The job description for self employed health educator postions is those that are hired as consultants or hired by companies to write grants.

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