Certified Health Education Specialist - Requirements & Job Description

Certified Health Education Specialist – Requirements & Job Description

If you are thinking of becoming a certified health education specialist, there are a few requirements that you must meet. Once met you will be given the title of CHES and will be able to work as a health specialist and earn a salary of anywhere between $30,639 to $62,638 per year, according to Payscale.com, as well as make a difference in your community in the fast growing health education profession. To get you familiar with exactly what one must do in order to achieve the Certified Health Education Specialist title, we will list exactly what the requirements are for schooling, testing information, the CHES job description as well as the job outlook for the career.

Certified Health Education Specialist Requirements

In order to become a certified health education specialist as well as be able to take the certification exam, you must meet the the following schooling requirements which will also make you eligible to take the CHES Examination. Here are the needed schooling requirements:

  • One of the following degrees from an accredited institution; Bachelors, Masters or Doctorate in Health Studies.
  • On or two of the following: official transcripts of the completion of a health education major or an official transcript that shows that in fact you did complete 25 hours of semester work or 37 quarter hours, in which you attained a grade of a C or higher in training that offered preparation that specifically addresses the “Seven Areas of Responsibility and Competency of Health Educators”.

Certified Health Education Specialist – Testing & Staying Certified

Come testing time, aspiring health education specialists must take the certification exam which is geared towards testing the test takers knowledge in the “Seven Areas of Resoponsibility for Health Education Specialists”, consisting of 165 mutlitple choice questions, with 150 being scored and 15 for survey purposes.

As far as staying certified goes, one must complete 75 hours of Continuing Education Contact Hours (CECH), over a 5 year period of time, that must be apporoved by the National Commision of Health Education Credentialing before hand. This training must consist of:

  • A minimum total of 45 hours of Category 1 continuing education that is given out by “designated providers” being any organization who has meet the criteria and standards designated by the NCHEC. (All 75 hours can be completed through Categoy 1 training)
  • A maximum amount of 30 hours of Category 2 continuing education, which does not have to be approved by the NCHEC, and needs to be earned by taking part in activities in which they relate to one or more of the “Areas of Responsibility and Competencies for Health Education Specialists”.

The Certified Health Specialist Job Description

The main job description of a Certified Health Education Specialist the promotion of healthy or healthier living that can assist in the prevention of diseases or disorders. Some of the main duties that a specialist will be doing on the job will include, but are not limited to, some of the following:

  • Developing plans for health education that will cater to all different walks of life
  • Writting up grant requrests for money to fund programs that you hope to develop.
  • Creating training tools that can come in the form or write ups, video presentations and audio presentations.
  • The write up of scholarly articles.
  • Meeting with and maintaining relationships with people as well as organizations that share the same mindset.
  • Evaluation through diagnostic testing of programs on health education.
  • Giving out referrals and resources to people to help them become more knowledgeable about a healthier lifestyle.

As far as places that certified health education specialists work, places of employement can include; schools and universities, community organizations, health care centers, government agencies, family services and more.

Job Outlook of the Certified Health Education Specialist

If you are considering a career as a certified health education specialist but are concerned about whether there will continue to be job opportunity, the outlook for health education jobs is excellent. In fact that the profession is expected to have an 18 percent increase in employment opportunity between 2008 and 2018, which is a higher percentage average than any other profession. These projections are based off of reasons that consist of:

  • Healthcare costs that continue to rise.
  • Employing a Certified Health Education Specialist is very cost effective as they will guide patients on cheaper alternative methods of the treatment of illnesses, verses high costs of medical care.
  • A healthy lifestyle can enable one to avoid many major illness.

Education on early detection of diseases is taught by certified health education specialists, which this knowledge can help people detect their own problems which can save lives.

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